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      Who are we and what do we do? You know, people ask me all the time; "Mike, just what is it exactly that you DO?" Well!....That is a really good question. Simply put, I take pictures...well I don't actually TAKE them, I shoot them.... well I guess I don't really SHOOT them....I push the buttons and move the position of the camera, and sometimes I adjust or add the light that is reflecting off of the objects and people that is eventually recorded by the camera that I'm using. Then I take the recorded data and mess with it until it looks better than it did to start with. ...Oh.... and I get to decide what "better" means. And one additional thingÖ.my wife also takes pictures, shoots pictures and moves the camera around. So, you get two photographers for the price of ONE! What a bargain!!! We take all kinds of pictures and love to travel all around the world. If you pay for it we will travel there. Check out the services page for a complete list. What we love to do most is to bring our portable studio to where ever you want photos taken. This allows you to choose the place and not be confined to a stuffy boring studio room. This set-up is great for family reunions and holiday parties.

      I decided to list all of the equipment below for you equipment buffs, donít bother reading this if you donít care about equipment. We have two cameras a Canon 20D 8.3 mega pixel and a Canon D60 6.3 mega pixel both cameras are capable of producing quality prints as large as 24 x 36. The lenses are 22mm - 55mm 3.5 to 5.6, 70mm - 300mm 3.5 to 5.6, 24mm - 70mm 2.8 and 70mm - 200mm 2.8 IS. I use the latter two the most of the time for a wide range of tasks. I really enjoy having the 2.8 lens; it gives me great speed and most of the time I do not need a flash for a lot of shooting events. For the times I do need a flash I use the top of the line canon 580ex speedlite, and along with the speedlite I use a softbox attachment with it to give me a soft lighting effect. This keeps the harsh flash off your face. To make sure the photos are crisp and clear I use a sturdy Manfrotto tripod to insure that I have a steady base when shooting. Finally, I record all of the photos on four Lexmark 80x media cards for a total of 3gbs of memory to insure that I wonít miss a moment that needs to photographed. For event shoots I have a portable studio that includes Paterson Interfit strobe lighting. Along with the lighting I have array of backdrops that I setup for each event to fit your personal needs. In addition, for all event shoots I have a setup to print on the spot. I use a high end Compaq laptop and two canon printers to print photos from 4 x 6 up to 8.5 x 11.

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